Great Griffin

When it comes to online casino slots that are based on mythological themes, my personal favorite is the Great griffin. It’s about a mighty creature with the head of an eagle and the rest of the body is of a lion, which used to protect the ancient treasure from the thieves and the pirates.

But by playing this slot, you can certainly become friends with it and who know the creature might shower his blessing and treasure over you. Well, when I heard about the slot from an Australian friend of mine I decided to play it instantly and make the full download of it in my android device.

Before trying the slot machine with the real money, I thought of getting savvy a little bit. As my Australian friend has also told me that it’s necessary to know the slots rules of pay table and the payout terms of the casino platform before putting the real money into it. So I did the same and read the slot’s reviews on some genuine online casino forums and also watch the tutorial videos of the slot on YouTube, So that I can get savvy with the interface and the rules.

And I came to know that it is a 5 reel, fifty pay line pokie with a mythological theme crafted by Micro gaming. In this slot machine, the gambler has the choice of betting up to dollar 0.10 per coin and up to ten coins per line. Apart from this, there are plenty of special features as well that can be enjoyed throughout the game, including a bonus round, random wilds, and free spins to take the free trial of the slot.

Reel Gems

Gambling is a very vast and growing industry now days. So if you want to earn money very fast so this will be the best way for you. There are so many online casinos gaming website where you can play your favorite slot machine very easily. So I played many machine but one I really love the most because of its graphics and theme, so whenever I get time I play with it and earn hefty cash with this so I think this is very lucky for me. But whenever you start playing with anyone always make sure about its payouts and the free playing facility because review of any game is very important to know. It will help you in playing and making decision what to play or not. So in this blog post I am going to tell about reel gems poker which I played last year on an occasion of my brother’s bachelor party.

It was a non-progressive video poker machine with 5 reels and 243 payline. 243 ways means you can play and win it with many combinations and designed by the microgaming company which is worldwide famous for making these slots. Many people play it for fun and some for money but I played for both reasons, so do not make it addiction because once you will be addicted you will surely loose chances so play as a fun and then you will see how it works.

The Reel Gems offers the pokie lovers, one more gift by allowing them to spin independently which takes it to different level as compared to others. Along with this, it provides wonderful background music with lovely royal blue background color that can attract anyone. The rules for playing is very easy as the pokie reels are come with bright color gemstones which make this extremely easy to match with other 3 same colored gemstones in order to win this game. The Respin feature associated with this, also improves the chance of winning. The minimum amount of coins that you can win through this is 3 coins with a maximum of 4000 coins.

Grand 7

Being an Australian I have always adored the formula one racing and everything that has adventure, excitement and thrill in it. When it comes to racing I really adore almost everything about the grand prix, rugby championship, football tournament or something else. And nowadays I have also noticed that the people are also going crazy over these online casino games as well.

To find out more about the industry, I thought maybe I should try it as well. So my first move was to pick someone, who has been playing on this slot machine and can help me learn playing them as well. And luckily I found in my neighborhood pretty easily. His name spend was Eric, who is kind of a cool guy who like to just chill most of his time and therefore I didn’t really hesitated to approach him.

I invited him over to my place and when he came, I offered him his favorite beer and start asking about the pokie without wasting so much time. And there he told me about this pokie called Grand 7, which he was playing currently. He told me it a progressive jackpot slot that includes classic sevens, single bar symbols, two bars, three bars, and cherry symbols. The 7’s are numbers, with the red sevens being worth the most money. And cherry being the special symbol it can be substituted with others as well to hit the jackpot.

After that I begged him to let me play as well, so he gave his android mobile phone on which he has installed the slot machine and I began playing it too. And it turned out that I was doing pretty well and he promised that he will teach me how to play with the real money and make some bucks from it the next time and I am looking forward to it.

Win Real Money And Bonus With The Play Of Best Free Games Of Casino On Android Phone With No Deposit

I used to watch this Disney cartoon Duck tales very much, when I was a kid. And I couldn’t describe in words how tempting it was, when uncle scrooge used to dive in his giant building size safe full of gold coins and ornaments. I remember that uncle scrooge had these numerous mines from which he had collected this much gold.

Well, today I will be telling you about kind of same method with which you can earn some gold and money and you don’t even have to own gold mines for this. You can go for the play of best free games and can get the chance to win some real money too by the service of online casino android app. Here I am talking about this pretty popular slot called Gopher gold. It is a five-reel, 5 pay line pokie which can be found at most of the top online casinos. And while playing this the player can only bet a single coin on each line, but can choose between coin values ranging from dollar 0.25 to dollar 5.00.

So, after knowing about the specs, I thought of playing the slot myself first and I order to do so I made the full download of the pokie game on my android mobile phone. I have heard somewhere that if you want to make full out of these online casino games then you must enjoy them on local device rather than playing it online.

Before playing the slot machine I made sure to check out the reviews and fully understand the pay table rules and conditions. And one must read the online casino terms of payouts thoroughly as well, so that they won’t feel deceived later. Over all I can surely conclude that it’s a really nice slot and one can certainly make gradual success if he wants to have a giant safe just like uncle scrooge and I will keep playing the same in pursuit of it.