The dice have as many variations as faces and their techniques based on mathematical probabilities, not only make it an interesting casino game but popular with visitors to the gambling halls. Through these, few tables will be filled with as much adrenaline, cheers or impetus of its participants, than that in which the craps are the protagonists.

These little cubes have been around for centuries. According to historical data, the dice are direct descendants of a game called Hazard, which was devised in 1125 BC by an English soldier named William of Tire. This happened in the Arab castle of Hazarth, so he was baptized that way.

A couple of centuries later, it was the Romans who gave the shape and appearance of those that are currently used. Although the man has modified them, making them in different sizes colors and motives, at that time they were made with pig bones.

The game was a real triumph in Rome and the rest of the Mediterranean countries. When he arrived in France, the inhabitants began to call him “crabes”, a term that means losing something by throwing it in a line.

Although all these communities received the “Arabs” with a more than genuine enthusiasm, the icing on their success came when the French settlers crossed the Atlantic and arrived in America. In the state of Louisiana, baptized as Cajuns, the immigrants continued with the tradition of the dice, renaming them as “craps”.

During that same period, the rules of the game were established. The precursor of this idea was the American John Winn, who is also credited with having manufactured the first craps table that casinos have modernized and used in the modest and luxurious halls of Las Vegas.

Currently, many people like dice. However, the enthusiasm remains in learning the dynamics, but not the strategy. This, on the one hand, is totally valid if you only want to experiment in a game room, but if there is interest goes further; that is, becoming an expert, this instructive can be very useful to achieve it.

Types of dice

Before properly explaining what this article is about, it is important to learn to differentiate the dice, especially because the casinos are very meticulous with the style of craps they use

The traditional is the six-sided, cube-shaped and punctuated from one to six. Some have rounded edges, while others are closed from each end. The latter are the ones used by the casinos because with them they get more precision in the fall.

The rounded edges, although aesthetically more beautiful, are more frequent to get in board games. In fact, there is a dying style in the form of a polyhedron that is used exclusively in the simulation game Dungeons & Dragons.

In terms of design, the casinos do not put too many obstacles. The dice can be black, red, white or psychedelic colors. While the edges are smooth, this may be painted with the colors of the rainbow.

Beginning lesson

Although casinos are the most direct way to get a game of craps, in the street it is also possible to get players willing to bet. That is the effect of the dice: it awakens an enthusiasm that does not understand places or temporary notions and, contrary to what many people think, the system with which they work is quite simple.

A game of dice begins with the starting roll, and it is at this point that it is decided whether a player is in or out. If the cube falls into seven or eleven, success shelters the player; whereas if it leaves a two, three or twelve, the failure is immediate. Any other number is acceptable and allows the bettor to advance in the game.

Once the first round ends, the die continues rolling for all the players. The goal for them is to get a different number of seven – the bad luck in the craps. When proceeding to the pass line, every bet is successful. Any player, who fails, in that sense, gets a no-pass line.

In craps, the dice shooter is the one who collects the bets. Once the pass line is crossed, you can bet on the odds. These are a set of multiples that the casino decides, but which is amortized based on the real opportunities to win.

It is a fair bet and is the only one in which the casino does not get any profit margin. The players go crazy when they know this news, and begin to bet on the odds with debauchery. Surprisingly, this way of online gambling is one of the most effective ways to make money while playing craps.

Another variant that the casinos offer is the bet “come and do it”. In these, the advantage of the house is 1.41% or 1, 36%. However, if the players handle the dice well, the possibilities can be further reduced.

Odds and “come and go” bets, however, are the ones with the lowest advantages for the house. As far as the other types of craps are concerned, the winning rate for the casino goes up to 10%. Most players refuse to play with these modalities because they know what is involved. Even so, it is important to know what it is about.

Playing dice online may be a better option given the odds and the payouts, but, again, the charm of the dice lies in the excitement of the game at local casinos. This is the reason why punters have always been attracted to her.