Jackpot city  A number of Casinos offer services for a given period of time before they close down because they are unable to offer the quality of services and sustain themselves in the competitive market. While this happens, others are there to stay for generations availing the best of experiences in the entire world without disappointing its users. The jackpotcity casino is one amongst a few that belong to this cluster. It has put in a lot of efforts to its users the most interesting and latest technology that’s more efficient and interesting to encounter by providing Jackpot City Casino review.

Approved by eCOGRA- jackpot casino is licensed by a Ecogram which is a competent body that deals with licensing of such entities. Jackpot casino physical address is Holy Trinity Building Block. When it comes to payments, its easy and sufficient, all the users are paid within the reasonable time and there is no room for complaining as the process is perfect as can be read on Ecogra reports on payments on the web.

There is a lot under the umbrella of the internet’s respectable gaming sites and they are as named hereunder:


  • Instant play
  • Live casino
  • Mobile casino
  • SSL encryption technology
  • certified by Ecogra
  • Support provided 24 hours each day
  • Availability of live chat
  • Numerous platforms of performing transactions including withdrawals
  • Variety of platforms to do the deposits
  • Trustworthy brand conversant to many users
  • A variety of games to select from which are over 600 in number
  • Fast cashouts
  • Availability of bonuses in a wide range
  • Outstanding customer service.


  • This is a platform available for use only with person domicile in the united state and the united kingdom.
  • It’s a simple connection…. InterfaceSlots Promotions
  • At the moment, the jackpot city only avails a single form of promotion to its users, this is one that is offered when one signs up and it’s valued up to $1600 and on how it works is as shown hereunder:
  • The jackpot city matches the players first, second, third and fourth deposit 100 percent up to $400. If you make a deposit of $20 YOU WILL GET $, IF you deposit 100, you will credit an extra $100.
  • Interestingly that is how one gets his payments to open an account even if you would have done it without any pay to do so.

Well, there are benefits

One is required to play at least 50 times before one can be considered for payments if he so wishes to request for the same, though this is a bit high, with the fact that it’s only applicable on bonuses, it’s still a comfortable one, not so bad.

Even though the bonuses awarded are substantial, and the number of times that one should play is also high, persons with other engagements may not find it fit for them due to commitments.

Banking with Jackpot City

The question that arises is of the kinds of deposits that are acceptable. One of the things that I would give credit to this site is a variety ways that one may choose from when making deposits as almost all modes of payments ranging from e-wallets, credit cards, wire transfers and many other forms are allowed.

Visa and MasterCard

They are considered as the main types of credit/debit cards acceptable to them, though apart from these are others. It takes two to three working days for the transactions to be fully effected and its very safe to transact on this platform.


E-wallets are also one of the many platforms well known to many and very convenient to use, they include, skrill, Ukash, and Neteller. Its takes a shorter time of about24 to 48 hours when it comes to processing.

jackpotcityDirect Wire Transfers

This is a direct transfer of money from one’s bank account, transacting may take about one and two days for processing to be complete for smaller amounts of money, meaning much more money takes more time.

What payout methods are accepted?

Normally in this site, the fact that there are various options for making deposits, it’s not a guarantee that the same options will be available in making withdrawals, they are limited.

What is the payout time?

This depending on an individuals choice on the mode of withdrawals and it can reflect in about or within 24 hours, and even lesser time for the VIP members upon their request for faster clearance.

Are there any limitations?

Depending on the user’s country, certain options may be rejected. An example is a skrill that does not accept transactions from person domicile in the US.

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