Being an Australian I have always adored the formula one racing and everything that has adventure, excitement and thrill in it. When it comes to racing I really adore almost everything about the grand prix, rugby championship, football tournament or something else. And nowadays I have also noticed that the people are also going crazy over these online casino games as well.

To find out more about the industry, I thought maybe I should try it as well. So my first move was to pick someone, who has been playing on this slot machine and can help me learn playing them as well. And luckily I found in my neighborhood pretty easily. His name spend was Eric, who is kind of a cool guy who like to just chill most of his time and therefore I didn’t really hesitated to approach him.

I invited him over to my place and when he came, I offered him his favorite beer and start asking about the pokie without wasting so much time. And there he told me about this pokie called Grand 7, which he was playing currently. He told me it a progressive jackpot slot that includes classic sevens, single bar symbols, two bars, three bars, and cherry symbols. The 7’s are numbers, with the red sevens being worth the most money. And cherry being the special symbol it can be substituted with others as well to hit the jackpot.

After that I begged him to let me play as well, so he gave his android mobile phone on which he has installed the slot machine and I began playing it too. And it turned out that I was doing pretty well and he promised that he will teach me how to play with the real money and make some bucks from it the next time and I am looking forward to it.