When coming to ancient America, The Incan Empire was one of the wealthiest civilizations, the same civilization used to come in the area that we know with name Peru nowadays. Well today I will be talking about this online casino slot that is based on the same theme, where you playing to win the gold preserved by the people of Incan empire and you will be fighting against to make it yours.

This ancient poker machine is a twenty line, 5 reel slot machine that can be played at most of the top online casinos of Australia. And last week I decided to taste the slot myself and for that I downloaded the pokie app in my android mobile phone. And to play with real money I had to pay for the credits, which I brought using my PayPal account.

But before putting my real money at stake, I also took the privilege to read all the pay table rules thoroughly as it is the best practice to avoid unnecessary loss. Apart from this the player must also ensure the payout conditions of the online casino at which he is going to play at.

For the boosters and better gaming experience I preferred playing at the local device, because playing them online without download certainly suppresses the quality of the graphics and the sounds. As I started playing I hit the jackpot on the very first spin and also made great money out of it, which made me came back for the slot again and won me more bucks another time. It was such a fun playing this epic slot.

Mayana Slot

Five reels make up the “Mayana” slot. These are more challenging than they seem at first glance. At the start of the game, only three reels are active. The game progresses and activates the remaining two reels. The Mayana slot machine game offers 27-243 chances to win. You can place bets ranging from 0.25 cents to 100 Euros per spin. It is also possible to play Mayana on a computer and any other device, such as a smartphone.

The slot machine’s symbols are elementary, with only a few exceptions: different Indian characters and diamonds. These symbols can be used to create winning combinations. The slot machine has two bonus rounds: the Expanded Breaths feature and the Mucha Mayana function. These bonus rounds are described below.

The symbols that represent the winner’s table

There are eight symbols in the base game. This aspect is because there is less to win. Three consecutive identical symbols will guarantee a win. The most valuable symbol is the red figure. It can be used to signify a six-fold win on the bet. The leopard wins three times, while the bird and the fowl bring you a double chance of winning. Different colored diamonds indicate a win that is less than the wager. The Mayana slot machine allows you to increase your bets from 0.25 cents to 100 euros. The Mayan slot is low to medium in volatility.96.6 percent is the payout rate, which is reasonable for a slot.

Expanding Respins is a critical feature in the Mayana slot machine. This action means that won symbols are fixed, and the breaths are activated. Respins adds additional reels. As new wins are added, this feature continues. With each inhale, the multiplier increases. The first resin multiplies by 1, the second by 2, and the third by 3. 4-20 times are possible if the playing surface or fields are increased. A Mucha Mayana feature is available on every spin across all five reels. The spins can be multiplied by this feature up to 20 times.