I still remember the time when I was a kid and my grandpa used to trick me with his magic tricks and I felt so amused seeing him doing the magic. As he was not staying with my parent so I used to get to meet him only on the weekend and I had to wait all that long week to meet him. I used to feel so great around him and as I grew older he also told me the secrets to some his magic tricks. But unfortunately when I was 14 years he passed away.

It was such heartbreak; I didn’t even eat for days and couldn’t stop myself from thinking about him. Years passed and I keep practicing the tricks he told me earlier. The fundamentals of the magic tricks he has told me were simple but yet effective. And this bond of mine with the magic and him made me try this online slot machine called Houdini, which is based on the work of a world famous Magician harry Houdini, who was a Hungarian American illusionist and stunt performer.

When it comes to the slot machine that is based on the same plot, then it’s a 5 reel, twenty five line poker machines that requires the player to match symbols from left to right across the active pay lines. And you can only bet one coin per line and can adjust the stakes from a penny up to eight euros per line. And if I talk about the wild and scatter symbols then you will certainly going to see the magic hats, rabbits, magic wands, handcuffs and so on. Although I am not a big time player, but I went for this slot machine because of the theme it was offering and I enjoyed the same as well.