Deal Or No Deal

Last summer’s when I was in Australia; I had to host a contest which is for some audition for a TV series. There were so many contestant and they all were submitting their application form. I was getting bore at that time so I opened my mobile and searching for some good arcade games which I can play to get rid out of my boredom. After searching I got a betting game link on the Google and they were offering it app too. So I thought why not to try it and get some money along with playing. So I apply for the event which was Deal or No Deal.

I selected double player competition mode which was I had to play with another player and who will be win it, will be a winner. So before start playing I found many tips and techniques from the various forums to win it. This was a very famous among the Aussie pokers and you will get many chances to win prizes and bonuses from this slot machine.

It is 5 reels and 20 payline poker machines and gamers only can bet only one coin per payline. But this one gives the choice to bet between three different coins, which is quite cool feature according to me. When you will play this match as many you can match the possible combination across the payline and you will be able to win a good amount of bonus. In the bonus round you will have to deal with the bankers and if you will become successful then you win big. The other excited bonuses will be activating when you will hit three or more than that continuous and you can be won a handsome amount. So if you are planning to win big then this will be a better option. So over all I really liked it played a lot.